About Universal Medication Management

About Universal Medication Management

Universal Medication Management, Inc. (“UMM”) is a Population Health Management company managed and staffed by leading healthcare professionals with many years of healthcare management experience.

Population Health Management is defined as the aggregation of patient data across multiple resources, the analysis of that data into a single, actionable patient record, and the patient-centric approach that allows care providers to improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

The ultimate goal of UMM is improving the quality of care while reducing costs. UMM has a sales and marketing team with significant presence in California and Arizona and is continually exploring the healthcare market in other states with a goal of becoming a national company.

Principles of Our Work


Make the Connection

Build a continuum between the medical patient, provider, and pharmacy through customizable healthcare management tools.


Legal Compliance

Navigate the regulatory landscape of the healthcare industry to assure that all aspects of compliance are addressed and handled appropriately.


Knowledgeable Team

Assure our partners that the quality of care they receive is uninterrupted and compliant with the highest standards.


Quality of Service

We strive to create a space where patients, providers, and the entire care team can rely on our unsurpassed quality of service.

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