A complete care management system that benefits you and your patients.

By using MyHealthPHR, you can easily monitor your chronic care management services in one place.

MyHealthPHR: A Care Management Platform for You and Your Patients

Cost Efficient

Decreased costs by using telehealth in place of in-person visits.

Better Care

Improved patient health with safe, easy, and cost-effective management.

Patient Independence

Increased ability for patients to live independently in their own homes.


UMM Makes Your Job Easier

Use the App

The MyHealthPHR App provides you with real-time medication monitoring.

Refill Notification

Receive notice 8 weeks in advance for any medication prescription refills.

360 Degree Management

Collaboration of doctors, facilities, pharmacists, caregivers, and patients.

Organized Pill Box

A pre-filled electronic pill box for your patients organized by week, day, and time.

Medical Records

Integration with Electronic Medication Administration Records (EMAR) System.

Trusted Security

State-of-the-art security features and full HIPAA compliance.

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Your complete care management platform using your personal health record for patients, providers, and caregivers.

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