Chronic Care Management

Universal Medication Management has created a proprietary Chronic Care Management (CCM) system that establishes a continuum of care from the medical professional to the patient’s community setting (home, skilled nursing, RCFE, or Board and Care Facility).

UMM can assist the practitioner with all of the non-face-to-face CCM requirements (as set out by CMS – CPT 99490).

A New Way to Doctor’s Appointments

  • Patients have access to a customizable patient portal that allows patients and/or caregivers to monitor his or her conditions regularly.

Chronic Care Management Benefits


All calls are monitored by clinical staff and provide data recordings and real-time sharing to ensure quality of service.

Clinical Programs

UMM staff clinicians have created a number of clinical programs to address specific disease states.


Access to care through enhanced opportunities to the patient and caregiver in a secure HIPAA compliant environment.

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Medication Management

Our Medication Management program begins with a true medication reconciliation done by one of our many experienced pharmacists.

We keep in touch with the patient with one of our Medication Compliance Devices that can send real-time data on a patient’s adherence/compliance reported to an online Electronic Medication Administration Records (EMAR).

Data Collection

  • Data collection is combined with an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) that can track a patient’s physical and mental conditions as well as behavioral changes.

Medication Management Benefits


Patients will be contacted to verify information and ensure the system is set up to meet their individual needs.

Pill Box

Medication compliance device will be delivered with two pre-programmed and pre-loaded trays within seven days.


Our participating pharmacy will deliver two more pre-loaded seven-day trays to the patient every two weeks.

Improve Care Through Telehealth

Studies have shown that patient and clinical care improve when patients share health information using telehealth.

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Transitional Care

Our Transitional Care program tracks patients while the patient transitions out of the hospital or clinic and into their community setting.

We assist the patient’s healthcare team in following up on the patient’s conditions, symptoms, medication issues and alerting the team during an emergency (per CPT 99495 and 99496). 

Is Transitional Care for You?

  • Our streamlined approach is ideal for patients that need ongoing monitoring without home health or with limited home health supervision (i.e., on the Medicare Advantage plan).

Transitional Care Benefits


Providers may choose to reach out to our trained staff to assist them in completing the onboarding process.

Phone Calls

The program begins immediately with phone calls and customizable reporting for all members of the patient’s care team.


The system allows for constant monitoring of patients who are at a greater risk for non-compliance and hospital readmission.

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Telehealth and Telemonitoring

Our new Telehealth and Telemonitoring system allows for secure video conferencing. Clinicians or other “call agents” can send an email or text invitation to any patient or participant inviting them to click on a URL and log-in so they can participate in a secure video conference.

Our system connects patients and doctors like never before, assisting doctors in streamlining their practices and increasing revenue while allowing patients to receive care without leaving their home.

A New Way for Doctors Appointments

  • Medicare allowed states to pass parity provisions
    so a Tele-Health visit can be billed as an office visit.

Telehealth and Telemonitoring Benefits


Remote monitoring and recording of biometric devices in the patient’s home.


Multiple CPT and E&M codes, including 99090 and 99091.


Additional guidelines are in place for those practicing in qualifying rural areas.


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